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Trailer: KeyForge Public Radio with Zach Armstrong

Welcome to KeyForge Public Radio! Join your host Zach Armstrong as we unlock the Unique Card Game together. Join on Patreon to vote on content, gain Discord access, and discounts on merch. First episode launches Wednesday, Ju...

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Trailer: KeyForge Public Radio with Zach Armstrong


Your Checklist for Returning to KeyForge

There are many reasons you may have stopped playing KeyForge. Maybe your Age of Ascension experience underwhelmed you, your local scene dried up, or Flesh and Blood just charmed you too much (I can't blame you, and a win for Legend Story Studios is …

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2023 Organized Play Information At-A-Glance

This post serves to organize all published KeyForge Organized Play information in a helpful at-a-glance format. We'll update this post as more information becomes available from Ghost Galaxy. is the only official source of KeyForge Or…

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Rampant Speculation: Winds of Exchange, Part Two

In KeyForge’s sixth set, Winds of Exchange (WindEx), tokens will be introduced as a game mechanic. All decks in this set will contain a token reference card, telling you what kind of token the deck makes whenever you’re instructed t…

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Rampant Speculation: Winds of Exchange Spoilers, Part One

Praise be to Ghost Galaxy! Long live Christian T. Petersen! We have gone from a despondent silence dominated by board gaming’s cruelest French vampires to verdant fields of hope alongside our Danish-American savior. And we have spoilers from K…

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Zach’s Top Three Moments from the “Farewell to Worlds Collide” Tournament

This post originally appeared on the KeyForge blog Cosmic Crucible where Zach was a guest author. We’ve posted it here to the Call of Discovery blog for archival purposes. Most KeyForge players are still unable to play in person due…

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Your Checklist for Returning to KeyForge

Coming back to KeyForge after some time away? This checklist will set you up for success with all the resources that will augment your enjoyment of the U…

KeyForge Organized Play 2023 Information: Vault Tours & mo…

This page contains all currently published information from Ghost Galaxy on KeyForge's 2023 Organized Play season, organized on tables and with links to …

KeyForge Winds of Exchange Spoilers: Blorb Hive

Blorb Hive and Blorb are a bit of a KeyForge meme. But what would it take for this artifact and token creature to really accelerate you to victory?